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Many small business owners today have a need for expertise on their staff to help make decisions regarding training, insect identification, chemical product, inspection growing your business or other business requirements around technology. Howewver, many times its impractical to have an employee with the necessary expertise on staff due to cost factors. High Sierra expert staff is available for consulting services to meet your business requirements.

In today's Pest Control industry things are changing at a rapid pace that makes it difficult for business professional like you to stay on top of those changes. If you want your company to stay in compliance with the State and Federal requirements, High Sierra Consulting Service can Help.

Prepaid Consulting Services-
Our prepaid services are at a negotiated and lower hourly rate, and provide best value for consulting when needed. As work is performed hours are removed from your pre-paid service.

Our Silver, Bronze, and Gold services provide e-mail alert, monthly newsletter and additional services at a discount.

Silver:  $25 per month up to 30 minutes of telephone consultation per month, 10 e-mail per month and 2 hours on-site consulting ( per year )

Bronze:  $50 per month up to 60 minutes per month telephone consultation, 20 e-mail  per month and 4 hours of on-site consulting (per year)

Gold:  $75 per month up to 120 minutes per month  telephone consultation, 30 e-mails per month and 6 hours of on-site consulting (per year)

No contract to sign, can be paid monthly, every 6 months, or yearly.

Additional Consulting Service

Hourly Consulting Services- Based on negotiated pricing from a thorough skills assessment, our hourly consulting services can be very cost effective for companies with minimal needs.

Managed Consulting Services- Our managed Consulting Services provide for ongoing needs analysis, with low monthly contracts that ensure you have a member of our staff looking after your needs regularly.

Specialized Services Offered

Quality Control Audits

High Sierra will

1.  Periodic examination of records to verify their correctness for State  and Federal requirement.

2.  Examination & evaluation of problems (cover on-site treatment areas)

3.  Review and rewrite, if necessary, your written IPM Program to offer any suggestions on compliance.

4. On-site audits and inspections of facilities under contract

5. Porvide a written audit inspection for company file

6. Inspections of all phases of Pest Control services provided

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