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Pesticide Schools


       Termite School                                       Pest Control School


Registration  fee for this three day intensive, in-depth program, will be $325


You can take one day or  two day @ 135.00 per day

Work Book & Lunch provided

For More Information


Insect biology and behavior              Inspecting techniques & equipment          Calibration problems

Preventing Insect infestation         Application equipment

Using traditional treatment and prevention methods  Construction examples & special treatment areas 

Construction examples & special treatment areas                Using PPE                     Using IPM

Understanding borates, baits & baiting systems, foaming application

Understanding the Label and Laws/Regulations

Hands-on application




Contact Donna or Larry at (830) 620-4440      Or          e-mail lfranke@nbtx.com

Class Hours   8:30 to 4:30 each day


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