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CEU 206 Test

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1. Eligibility for indemnification the grower must have planted certified organic or transitional cotton during or prior to the _____ crop year.:
2. The _____ will issue a release of lien to the grower.:
3. The growers identification number on the compliance certificates can be either a social security number or tax identification number. True or False:
4. The Foundation shall not treat with its regular regimen of chemical applications fields for which a grower has been approved to use alternative control methods. True or False:
5. A request from the Foundation to use a bio-intensive control method must be at least _____ days prior to traditional cotton planting dates.:
6. Quarterly reports shall be submitted to the department within _____ days after the end of each quarter.:
7. Approval must be obtained in writing from the commissioner for the borrowing of money to fund operations of the foundation. True or False:
8. A penalty assessed for failure to timely report acreage shall not exceed $_____ per acre.:
9. Within _____ days of declaring an area within an eradication zone as a prohibited planting, the department shall publish a notice designating the area in which cotton cannot be planted.:
10. The growers shall establish methods for verifying pesticide use reduction resulting from the boll weevil eradication program as conducted by the foundation. True or False:
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