High Sierra Education and Consulting Service

CEU 205 Test

Blank Form
1. Fumigants and non-fumigant pesticide formulations having a high vapor pressure are _____.:
2. Drift cannot be completely eliminated, but it can be greatly _____.:
3. Pesticide applications which are directed upwards or made by aircraft are the most likely to be subject of _____.:
4. There are two types of drift _____ and ______.:
5. Drift control agents reduce drift by making the water droplets thicker. True or False:
6. Do not make aerial or ground applications into areas of temperature. True or False:
7. Surfactants are drift control agents. True or False:
8. To avoid drift into water ways advise farmers, where practical to plant crops near ponds and fish-bearing waters that will require a minimum of insect control. True or False:
9. All aerial and ground application equipment must be properly maintained and calibrated using appropriate carriers. True or False:
10. To help prevent drift spray in the morning when the _____ is high and _____ is low.:
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