High Sierra Education and Consulting Service

CEU 204 - TEST

1. No-till planting has both _____ and _____ effects on cotton insect populations.:
2. A plan of insecticide use that limits exposure of a pest population to a particular class of insecticide chemistry is known as _____.:
3. An effective cotton insect management program is scouting. True or False:
4. The term _____ represents the pest population level at which treatment must be applied to avoid economic lost that would be greater than the cost of the treatment.:
5. What types of crops are more likely to escape attack/damage from late-season infestations of bollworm, armyworms, and loopers ____?.:
6. Most species of insect pests are susceptible to one or more known diseases. True or False:
7. When feasible, _____ of a pest can be a highly effective IPM tool.:
8. Before using a pesticide, read the _____ carefully.:
9. Give a short definition of IPM.:
10. To minimize the impact of pests and pest control costs apply _____ promptly when needed.:
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