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CEU 203 - TEST

1. The fee for a commercial applicators license is $______ .:
2. Incosistent use of the chemical shall mean using a pesticide on and insect or weed when it is not on the label. True or False:
3. A private applicator applicant now may attend and approved course other than the Texas Agriculture Extension Service course to verify training required to apply to take the TDA examination. True or False:
4. Failure to observe reentry intervals, pre-harvest intervals, grazing restrictions, or worker protection requirements are inconsistent use violations. True or False:
5. The fee for a dealers license is $_____ .:
6. The licensee could be in violation for failure to notify the department within 30 days of any change in the information provided as part of the application for a license. True or False:
7. You can use M-44 without a license. True or False:
8. All private applicaator training is approved for how many years? _____:
9. Each pesticide must be approved by _____ before it can be used in Texas.:
10. A dealer;s license or a private applicators license is transferable. True or False:
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