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CEU 201 - TEST

The Effects of Pesticides on Beneficial Invertebrates on Turfgrass

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1. Turfgrass consists of the _____, _____, and _____ of grass plants together with the underlying thatch and soil.:
2. _____ and _____ may have profound effects on the structure and stability of the turfgrass system.:
3. What used in excessive amounts encourages accumulation of thatch by increasing vegetative production? _____:
4. Reducing the frequency and extent of treatments is one of the general resistance management tactics. True or False:
5. _____ is a tightly intermingled layer of undecomposed roots, rhizomes, stolons, plant crowns, stems and organic debris.:
6. The distribution of a thin layer of soil followed by physical incorporation of the soil into the thatch is _____.:
7. _____ fertilization commonly results in soil acidification.:
8. A Greek philospher called _____ "the intestines of the earth".:
9. What enhances the chemical environment of soil by mixing organic matter into subsurface layers? _____:
10. Use of _____ can contribute to thatch development and certain _____ may reduce soil pH.:
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