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CEU 200 - Test

Turf Grass Diseases
Brown Patch

1. Brown patch symptoms vary, depending primarily on turfgrass ______ and ______ height.:
2. Infected grass blades first appear ______ and ______.:
3. Brown patch occurs on dense, heavily fertilized and _____ turf in hot (above 85F) _____ weather when the night temperatures remain above 60F.:
4. Rhizoctonia solani survives from year to year in the form of _____.:
5. Brown patch of turfgrass is caused by a ______.:
6. Rhizoctonia is capable of attacking turfgrass only in the seedling stage. True or False:
7. Surfactants will have interaction with managing brown patch. True or False:
8. _____ is good for reducing brown patch severity because it will reduce temperature even though it prolongs wetness in the canopy.:
9. Reduction in leaf extension with the aid of _____ can slow recovery of turf affected by brown patch.:
10. Grassy weeds can host the disease. True or False:
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